Career and Active Lifestyles

“I have been treated by Dr. Felker & Staff since the early 80s. During that period, my body has been stressed and injured from 30+ years of business travel and a very active life in athletics. Baseball, football, basketball, softball, and golf have put great strains on my spine and frame. My semi-regular treatments have been instrumental in maintaining good health and allowed me to continue a busy and fulfilling lifestyle.”

Damon L.

Bouncing Baby Girl
Our sweet angel was born into the family of Stafford Chiropractic Sports & Wellness!  At just 2 days old, fresh from the hospital, she received her first adjustment.  Given the trauma a babies’ spine undergoes with coming through the birth canal, while simultaneously being pulled and twisted to maneuver through the mothers pelvis, I knew Jordyn would have her first adjustment very early on in life.  
When we were sent home with a jaundiced baby, I feared my breast milk wasn’t going to be enough to rid her body of the extra bilirubin.  Her doctor had warned me I would possibly have to feed her formula instead.  I was again devastated.  Breastfeeding was very important to me, and having a health baby was even more important to us!  With in 12 hours of her first adjustment, Jordyns’ jaundice began to disappear.  She didn’t require special lights, or formula feeding.
Two and a half years later, Dr. Felker has gotten us through ear infections, constipation, and just plain moodiness.  All relieved by a simple adjustment!  Her regular visits keep her healthy and quick to fight anything that’s thrown at her.”
Elaine P.

Maternity Troubles
Walking out of my OBGYN’s office having just been told me that my daughter was breach, that I would likely have to deliver her via c-section, I was devastated.  I was fearful.  I felt helpless.  I knew there had to be something I could do to help my little one.
I began doing research, on Chiropractors that specialized in Maternal Fetal Care.  My searches all turned to Dr. Felker and Stafford Chiropractic Sports & Wellness.  I was going to need someone I was confident to be able to do more than just alleviate discomfort from carrying this baby around, I needed my body aligned to be able to give her the best chance at coming into this world naturally.  With just 2 adjustments to my hips and lower back, Dr. Felker was able to align my back to where my daughter turned on her own, and I was able to have a successful natural birth!  
I will also credit the ease in my delivery, and prompt recovery to the adjustment I received the day before delivery and the adjustments I received the week after delivery.

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